Mobile facilities

Product name Internal dimensions Gross weight Load capacity Axle type In Stock
Mobile facility 750F311T220 Mobile facility 750F311T220 3.12x2.20m750kg-Torsion --
1000F311T222 1000F311T222 3.10x2.20m1000kg135kgTorsion --
1200F311T222 Cargo 1200F311T222 Cargo 3.20x2.30m1200kg552kgTorsion --
1200F411T222 1200F411T222 4.10x2.20m1200kg210kgTorsion --
1200F411T222 Two bathroom and toilet 1200F411T222 Two bathroom and toilet 4.10x2.20m1200kg196kgTorsion --
1200F411T222 Convex 1200F411T222 Convex 4.18x2.24m1200kg229kgTorsion --
1200F411T222 Gas 1200F411T222 Gas 4.20x2.30m1200kg152kgTorsion --
1500F411T222 Convex + gas 1500F411T222 Convex + gas 4.10x2.20m1500kg103kg2x Torsion --
1500F411T222 Kiosk 1500F411T222 Kiosk 4.10x2.20m1500kg648kgTorsion --
1500F512T222 1500F512T222 5.10x2.20m1500kg200kgTorsion --
2000F412T222 8 WC 2000F412T222 8 WC 4.10x2.20m2000kg670kg2x Torsion --
2000F512T220 Showroom 2000F512T220 Showroom 5.21x2.20m2000kg621kg2x Torsion --
2000F612T222 2000F612T222 6.10x2.20m2000kg300kg2x Torsion --
2000F612T222 Two workroom 2000F612T222 Two workroom 6.10x2.20m2000kg404kg2x Torsion --
2000F612T222 Three bathrooms and toilets 2000F612T222 Three bathrooms and toilets 6.20x2.30m2000kg427kg2x Torsion --
2000F612T222 2000F612T222 6.21x2.20m2000kg164kg2x Torsion --
2700F712T222 2700F712T222 7.21x2.44m2700kg460kg2x Torsion --