Wheels, undercarriage

Code Product name Description In Stock
Wheel bolt 230Wheel boltM12x1.5, round cone 10+
Wheel bolt 1016Wheel boltM12x1.5x24, flat cone 10+
Wheel bolt 10264Wheel boltFlat cone, M12x1,5x30 10+
Seal for hub 224Seal for hub38x62x7mm, (for Art. No. 222, 223) 10+
Seal for hub 2875Seal for hub42x56x7mm, (for Art. No. 3322) 10+
Seal for hub 849Seal for hub52x72x10, (for Art. No. 3095) 10+
Compact bearing 3322Compact bearing64x34x37mm 10+
Compact bearing NTN 3095Compact bearing NTN72x39x37mm, 900kg 10+
Cone bearing 30204 222Cone bearing 30204Cone 10+
Cone bearing 30206 223Cone bearing 30206When replacing the bearing, it is also recommended to replace the seal. 10+
Cap for hub 3053Cap for hub47mm, steel 10+
Cap for hub 3054Cap for hub52mm, steel 10+
Cap for hub 3386Cap for hub64mm, steel 10+
Lock ring 4401Lock ring64x2mm 10+
Hub 375kg 10473Hub 375kgPCD 4x100mm, for leaf spring axle. 10+
Stub shaft 375kg 119Stub shaft 375kgPCD 4x100mm, 150mm. 10+
Stub shaft 675kg 125Stub shaft 675kgPCD 4x100mm. 10+
Stub shaft 675kg 11059-1Stub shaft 675kgPCD 4x100mm, for leaf spring axle 10+
Stub shaft 17391Stub shaftPCD 4x100mm. 10+
Stub shaft 900kg 2893Stub shaft 900kgPCD 5x112mm. 10+
Brake Stub 450kg LEFT 2575Brake Stub 450kg LEFTPCD 4x100mm. 10+
Brake Stub 450kg RIGHT 115Brake Stub 450kg RIGHTPCD 4x100mm. 10+
Brake Stub 750kg LEFT 2576Brake Stub 750kg LEFTPCD 4x100mm. 10+
Brake Stub 750kg RIGHT 116Brake Stub 750kg RIGHTPCD 4x100mm. 10+
Brake Stub 750kg LEFT 2577Brake Stub 750kg LEFTPCD 5x112mm. 10+
Brake Stub 750kg RIGHT 117Brake Stub 750kg RIGHTPCD 5x112mm. 10+
Chock 3995ChockBlack plastic, fits Chock holder 3996 10+
Chock holder 3996Chock holderBlack plastic, fits Chock 3995 10+
Breakthrough buffer 8096Breakthrough bufferFor leaf spring D=40mm H=40mm, bolt M8 x 15mm --
U-bolt M12 13725U-bolt M12For 50x30 pipe, HDG 10+