Perfect solution to mobilize your generator. Helping to deliver reliable power you need, when and where you need it. The reliable 2x torsion axle, together with waterproof wheel hubs gives the trailer better longevity. Load bearing and fenders are made of high quality sheet metal coated with Magnelis®, which is 3 times more resistant to corrosion than regular HDG.
  • Internal dimensions: 2.50x1.25 m
  • External dimensions: 4.19x1.69 m
  • Axle type: 2x Torsioon
  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanized welded frame
  • Floor: Waterproof plywood
  • Gross weight: 2000 kg
  • Unladen weight: 401 kg
  • Payload: 1599 kg
  • Brakes: Yes
  • Plug type: 13 pin
  • Tires: 155R13
Standard equipment:
  • Jockey wheel + clamp, solid wheel
  • Waterproof front LED lights
  • Corner support legs 4 pcs
  • Full metal step on fenders
  • Wheels with M+S tires