Lavatory trailer with all the basic essentials. Hook the trailer to a car and drive to desired location. For ultimate flexibility, our mobile toilet is now detachable from the trailer, which gives you the possibility to easily load another toilet on it for transport. Connect to electricity circuit, secure with support legs and the toilet is ready to use! Jockey wheel simplifies maneuvering of the trailer when necessary.
  • Internal dimensions: 1.07x1.07 m
  • Internal height: 2.2 m
  • External dimensions: 3.28x1.88 m
  • Total height: 2.8 m
  • Axle type: Torsion
  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal
  • Gross weight: 750 kg
  • Unladen weight: 382 kg
  • Payload: 368 kg
  • Tires: 155/80R13
Standard equipment:
  • Jockey wheel + clamp, solid wheel
  • EPS insulation, weatherproof fiberglass laminated walls
  • Floor covered with scratch resistant and anti slip PVC
  • Adjustable legs x 3
  • Plastic fenders
  • Balanced wheels with M+S tires
  • Metal stairs
  • Toilet waste outlet valve
  • Lifting hooks 4 pcs
  • WC includes