High quality, innovative trailer with monolithic bent sidepanels and exceptionally resilient HuckLok® bolt joints. Made out of Magnelis® coated sheet metal which is 3 times more resistant to corrosion than regular HDG sheet metal.The reliable torsion axle together with waterproof wheel hubs give the trailer better longevity. The durable plywood floor is waterproof and slip resistant.
  • Edge height: 0.33 m
  • Internal dimensions: 2.45x1.50 m
  • External dimensions: 4.20x1.92 m
  • Total height: 0.87 m
  • Axle type: Torsioon
  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal frame
  • Floor: Waterproof plywood
  • Gross weight: 1200 kg
  • Unladen weight: 306 kg
  • Payload: 894 kg
  • Tipping: Yes
  • Brakes: Yes
  • Plug type: 13 pin
  • Tires: 155R13C
Standard equipment:
  • Jockey wheel + clamp, solid wheel
  • Waterproof front LED lights
  • Removable front hatch
  • Removable rear hatch
  • Lashing eyes 6 pcs
  • Full metal step on fenders
  • Wheels with M+S tires
  • Reinforced rear hatch