Tough and durable HDG coated welded steel frame. Keel rolls together with adjustable support rolls will help you secure your boat safely and give your boat even support. Beach trailers don’t have suspensions, electrical systems nor fenders and can’t be used on public roads.
  • Suitable for boats up to: 6 m
  • Trailer’s dimensions: 6.56x1.83 m
  • Axle type: No suspension
  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanized welded frame
  • Gross weight: 1600 kg
  • Unladen weight: 280 kg
  • Payload: 1320 kg
  • Tires: 185R14C
Standard equipment:
  • Jockey wheel + clamp, solid wheel
  • Strong lashing eyes
  • Adjustable winch stand (vertically and horizontally)
  • Winch 900 kg, with belt
  • Easy adjustable side rollers
  • Rear tilting frame equipped with support wheels
  • Keel rollers 8pcs (5 adjustable)
  • Balanced wheels with M+S tires
  • Watertight hubs