Boat and PWC trailers


Minimized pressure to the boat

Professionally designed boat- and jet trailers make transporting your boat safe and easy.

minimaalne pinge

Adjustable winch stand

All Respo winch stands are adjustable to give you greater functionality and suitability for different boat types.

knott vintsipukk

“Easy fold” lights

Ingenious solution to make handling the trailer much more convenient. Allows you to effortlessly move rear lights to the sides without removing a single part from the trailer.


Balanced wheels

We offers balanced wheels to ensure better handling and longevity. 

tasakaalustatud rattad

Durable design

The durable frame gives the trailer its endurance. We use 3D CAD modelling.


Adjustable side supports

Side supports grant great stability for the boat. Manual adjusting function is especially favourable while driving on bumpy roads during which the position of the side rolls stay the same at all times.


Rear tilting frame

Rear tilting function offers great help in winching a boat onto the trailer. In addition to that you can keep your trailer hubs above the water.


Vast selection of accessories

The huge variety of accessories give the trailers greater functionality and allow the customer to design the trailer according to their needs.


Only the highest quality materials

Hot dip galvanization and high-quality steel gives great durability and longevity. Additionally, we are the only trailer manufacturer in Estonia that uses Magnelis coated sheet metal. We use this sheet metal to make most of the trailers components.


Reliable fastening

Lashing eyes designed specifically for boat trailers are made from durable galvanized steel.


Multifunctional fenders

All Respo trailers have specially designed, immensely durable, full metal fenders. Designed to be stepped on, equipped with additional step boards, they give the trailer greater functionality and give you better accessibility.


High quality electrical systems

We use high quality electrical systems that ensure problem free usage for many years. Each electrical system is specifically designed according to each model.


Waterproof plywood floor

All box trailers have a laminated waterproof plywood floor with a thickness of at least 12mm


Jockey wheel

All Respo boat trailers are equipped with a full rubber jockey wheel with a payload of 150 to 400 kg in accordance to the model.

tiisli tugiratas


Respo boat trailers are equipped with balanced tandem, torsion or leaf spring axles to ensure the best qualities according to the trailer type.


Large number of keel rolls

To avoid any damages to the boat while transporting it, we have equipped our boat trailers with plenty of keel rolls.


Recognized quality

Respo boat trailers have won multiple test awards from respected boat trailer magazines.  We are the leading boat trailer brand in Scandinavia.