User instructions

Download trailer passport/manual

Before driving make sure that:

  • the coupling mechanism and its fixing details are in proper operating condition
  • the trailer and the car are fixed to each other securely, trailer's safety cable must be attached to the car
  • the lights are in the proper operating condition
  • the wheels are securely fixed
  • the load is properly fitted
  • the front and back hatches are either closed or removed

The weight of the trailer's load must not exceed the load capacity of the trailer indicated on the type-approval certificate. The maximum weight of the trailer must not exceed the restrictions provided by the manufacturer of the towing car. If such restrictions are not given by the manufacturer, an unbraked trailer with the maximum weight of 50% of the towing car, but not more than 3,500 kg, may be attached to the towing car. The maximum weight of a braked trailer must not exceed the maximum weight of the towing car. Vertical mass on the coupling mechanism may be up to 10% of the maximum weight of the trailer, but not more than the value indicated on the coupling mechanism.