Hinges and latches

Code Product name Description In Stock
 Lid spring support tube 954 Lid spring support tubeDistance of mounting holes is 450mm 10+
Board latch 535Board latch85x180mm 10+
Board latch 534Board latchWith raised edge, 85x180mm 10+
Board latch 1141Board latchWith automatic fixing lock 90x218mm 10+
Board latch 1099Board latch66x155mm 10+
Board latch ZB-09 877Board latch ZB-09Lenght 271mm, max load 1100kg 1 pcs
D-link for covers 3421D-link for coversD-link for covers, installed on the sideboard to secure a PVC cover. 10+
D-ring 6073D-ringWithout Mounting Bracket 10+
D-ring mounting plate 6078D-ring mounting plateFits for art. nr: 6073 10+
D-Ring Tie Down 926D-Ring Tie DownWith Mounting Bracket 10+
Fixing Strap 3255Fixing StrapLenght 380mm 9 pcs
Gas spring 5240Gas springGas Spring 10+
Gas spring 918Gas spring1100N, 800mm 10+
Gas Spring 921Gas Spring600N 800mm 10+
Hardtop lid spring 955Hardtop lid springDistance of mounting holes is 280mm 10+
Hinge 7827HingeLatch for Aluminum sides, kit includes three parts. 10+
Hinge 12588HingeHole 12mm, lenght 370mm 10+
Hinge 898HingeHole 16mm, lenght 420mm 10+
Hinge 879HingeHole 16mm, lenght 270mm 10+
Hinge 6228HingeHole 16mm, lenght 320mm 10+
Hinge 12587HingeHole 12mm, lenght 320mm 10+
Hinge 12586HingeHole 12mm, lenght 220mm 10+
Hinge bar 532Hinge barD=16mm 10+
Hinge bar 12571Hinge barD=12mm 10+
Hinge carrier 3363Hinge carrierUZ-01 SPP, axis length 61mm, diameter 16mm 10+
Hinge carrier 900Hinge carrierHole 16mm 10+
Hinge carrier 12573Hinge carrierHole 12mm 10+
Hook for board latch 876Hook for board latch21x145mm 10+
Hook for board latch 874Hook for board latch30x126mm --
Hook for board latch 6265Hook for board latch35x60x118mm 10+