Chemicals and lubricants

Code Product name Description In Stock
Würth brake cleaner 500ml 3466Würth brake cleaner 500mlFor cleaning and degreasing during maintenance and repair work. 10+
Würth CU 800 300ml 4130Würth CU 800 300mlLubricant, parting paste and corrosion-protecting copper paste. --
Würth HHS Lube 500ml 3467Würth HHS Lube 500mlEP long-life spray grease with a high protective factor against weathering and environmental influences. 10+
Würth Kontakt OS 200ml 3468Würth Kontakt OS 200mlContact spray 1 pcs
Würth Rust Off Plus 300ml 3465Würth Rust Off Plus 300mlHigh-quality rust remover, lubricating effect — owing to the latest additive technology (OMC 2 technology). 7 pcs
Würth zinc spray light 400ml 3312Würth zinc spray light 400mlLong-term protection and repair of metallic surfaces. 10+