Code Product name Description In Stock
Brake bowl 8509Brake bowlbrake bowl for single-axle trailers with brakes 10+
Brake bowl balancer 8519Brake bowl balancerBrake bowl balancer, suitable for two-axle trailers with brakes, mounting nuts included. 10+
Brake Cable Eyelet 4928Brake Cable Eyelet For brake hub 10+
Brake cable half shell 3055Brake cable half shellThe cable shroud cover fits into the rear back plate and then the cable goes over it to keep it rigid in place 10+
Brake drum with bearing 6355Brake drum with bearing200mm, PCD 4x100mm 10+
Brake drum with bearing 3033Brake drum with bearing250mm, PCD 5x112mm 10+
Brake drum with bearing 3010Brake drum with bearing200mm, PCD 5x115mm 10+
Brake shoe kit 9043Brake shoe kit250x40mm, incl. springs. 10+
Brake shoe kit 9041Brake shoe kit200x50mm, Kit includes adjustment mechanisc, springs and central nuts. 10+
Brake shoe kit 9040Brake shoe kit200x50mm, incl. springs. 10+
Brake shoe kit 9030Brake shoe kit160x35mm, incl. springs. 10+