Code Product name Description Dimensions A Dimensions B In Stock
Axle 750kg 17474Axle 750kgPCD 5x112mm2150mm1680mm 4 pcs
Torsion axle 750kg 16844Torsion axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm1380mm930mm 10+
Torsion axle 1350kg 1646Torsion axle 1350kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.1540mm1070mm 10+
Axle 1800kg 14052Axle 1800kgFor harbor trailer, PCD 5x112mm2260mm1900mm 10+
Axle 750kg 13120Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm, wheel hub load bearing capacity 1350kg1790mm1325mm 10+
Axle 750kg 12933Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm1540mm1070mm 10+
Axle 1000kg 12031Axle 1000kgPCD 4x100mm, with brakes.1950mm1335mm --
Axle 750kg 12003Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm1950mm1335mm 7 pcs
Axle 1500kg 11936Axle 1500kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.2040mm1520mm 8 pcs
Axle 1500kg 11750Axle 1500kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.1720mm1200mm 9 pcs
Axle 1350kg 11476Axle 1350kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.1950mm1335mm 10+
Axle 1800kg 11267Axle 1800kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.1950mm1335mm 10+
Torsion axle 750kg 11058Torsion axle 750kgPCD 5x112mm2410mm1960mm --
2x Torsion axle 3500kg 106932x Torsion axle 3500kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes1850mm1400mm 4 pcs
Torsion axle 750kg 105Torsion axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm1650mm1200mm 10+
2x Torsion axle 3500kg 104532x Torsion axle 3500kgPCD 5x112mm, Brakes, High mounting Plates.2150mm1700mm --
Axle 750kg 104-1Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm, wheel hub load bearing capacity 1350kg.1540mm1070mm 10+
Balanced tandem axle 2000kg 10052Balanced tandem axle 2000kgPCD 4x100mm1790mm1325mm 3 pcs
Balanced tandem axle 2000kg 9870Balanced tandem axle 2000kgPCD 4x100mm2150mm1680mm --
Balanced tandem axle 750kg 9869Balanced tandem axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm2150mm1680mm --
Axle 750kg 980-1Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm.1950mm1510mm 10+
Axle 750kg 973-1Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm, wheel hub load bearing capacity 1350kg.1790mm1325mm 10+
Axle 750kg 947-1Axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm.1790mm1130mm 10+
Balanced tandem axle 750kg 9412Balanced tandem axle 750kgPCD 4x100mm1800mm1325mm 10+
Torsion axle 1350kg 9353Torsion axle 1350kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.1960mm1350mm --
Axle 1500kg 9154Axle 1500kgLehtvedrusild 1800kg2350mm1880mm 10+
Axle 1500kg 8750Axle 1500kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.2150mm1680mm 10+
2x Torsion axle 2700kg 86172x Torsion axle 2700kgPCD 5x112mm with brakes.2150mm1700mm 6 pcs
Axle 1350kg 8386Axle 1350kgPCD 4x100mm2000mm1620mm --
Axle 1800kg 8356Axle 1800kgFor harbor trailer, PCD 5x112mm.2180mm1700mm 8 pcs