The terms and conditions of submission of claims

1. Private persons may submit claims within 24 months after delivery of the product. In the case of legal persons, claims may be submitted until expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. During the period for submission of claims, the consumer may request repairing of the product free of charge. If the defect has arisen at the fault of the manufacturer, the cost of all deficiencies in the materials and in the manufacturing process, as well as the cost of the works and spare parts will be covered.

3. Claims can be submitted based on a document which proves the purchase.

4. Claims cannot be submitted for the following: teaching the customer to use the product, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning of the product, restoring the commercial appearance of the product and elimination of any defect which have been caused by a failure to observe the user instructions.

5. The right to submit claims does not extend to the damages arisen in the course of transport after handing over of the goods to the buyer.

6. Respo Haagised AS will not eliminate defects under the terms of warranty if the defects were caused by:

• normal wear and tear;

• incorrect use or maintenance (incl. if the product has been repaired or maintained by a person who has not been authorised by the manufacturer);

• damaging, replacement, or removal of the serial number, inspection sticker, or marking sticker on the product and/or detail;

• if the customer was notified of the deficiency by Respo Haagised AS prior to purchasing the product;

• external factors. External factors include, among other things, noncompliant or fluctuating electrical current, moisture, fluids, mechanical damage, etc.

• the product is not functioning at the fault of the owner, e.g. as a result on improper exploitation, failure to observe the user instructions, or if the defects were caused as a result of careless maintenance or storage or overburdening the product.

7. Respo will determine the liability based on the expert assessment (diagnostics) conducted by manufacturer’s authorised representative. If the expert assessment reveals that the deficiencies were caused by any of the factors listed above, but the product can be repaired, the consumer may order repair works for a charge. Products with damages caused by a fluid/moisture and/or with mechanical damages will only be repaired for a charge in the future as well.

8. If Respo Haagised AS is not responsible for elimination of the deficiencies found and the product cannot be repaired, the fee for the expert assessment of the product will be payable by the buyer. The buyer will also cover the cost of the expert assessment if no deficiency is found in the course of the expert assessment and the product is compliant with the technical requirements established by the manufacturer.

9. Private customers are not required to pay the fee for expert assessment within the first six months after the date of purchasing.

10. If the buyer disagrees with the opinion of Respo Haagised AS, they will be required to prove that:

• the deficiency exists (based on an expert assessment conducted by a competent person);

• the deficiency or the cause thereof was present at the time of delivery of the product;

• Respo Haagised AS is responsible for the deficiency.

11. If Respo Haagised AS has provided a sales warranty for the product, Respo Haagised AS will guarantee the elimination of deficiencies pursuant to the terms and conditions of the sales warranty.

12. In order to use the right to submit claims, please contact the factory of Respo Haagised AS at the address specified in the purchase document or call our customer service from Monday to Friday on +372 730 1841 and you will be instructed on how to proceed with the product in question.

13. In addition to the rights arising from the right to submit claims, the buyer also has all other rights arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.