Payment methods

NB! If you pay for the product purchased from the online store of Respo by using a credit card or bank link, your security is guaranteed.

Bank link

After submitting your order, please click your preferred bank link which will direct you to the selected online bank: Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Citadele, Luminor. Enter your username and passwords and enter the online bank. In the online bank, a prefilled payment order will be displayed to you, including the amount payable for the products purchased. Please confirm or cancel the payment order.

Credit card

Please enter your credit card details. Confirm or cancel the details.
In the case of payment by using a credit card, the delivery time will be extended by the period required for receiving the payment, usually by 2–3 working days.

Hire purchase

We offer the possibility to purchase goods with Esto installments, LHV installments and Inbank installments.