Registration and insurance

Registering trailers bought from Tõrvandi using an authorisation document:

The easiest way to get a trailer registered (at the Estonian Road Administration) is to let us handle it. We do not charge any fees for the registration process itself. The cost of registration consists of a state fee (€93.-) and the compulsory annual insurance (depending on the trailer type the price may vary from €5.- to €15.-). The process requires a signed one-time authorisation in the name of Respo representative. You can find the application here: Application

In case you want to register the trailer yourself:

Documentation required to register the trailer at the Estonian Road Administration:

An application on the Road Administration registration form

Documents proving legal acquisition of the vehicle (e.g. sales order)

Personal identification document of the applicant (ID card, passport or a drivers’ licence). When registering the trailer as a legal entity, an authorisation document allowing to act on the behalf of the company is required unless the applicant is indicated on the company’s’ B-card in the Commercial Register.

Registration fee

A state fee of 93 € must be paid to register the trailer. The state fee can be paid on site in cash, by a bank card or with a transfer to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance:

Receiver: Rahandusministeerium

SEB bank - a/a EE891010220034796011

Swedbank - a/a EE932200221023778606

Danske Bank - a/a EE403300333416110002

Luminor Bank - a/a EE701700017001577198

Reference number

1) The reference number for individuals is always 10601008006990
If the state fee is paid for another person, please indicate in the explanation field the name and the personal identification code of the person for whom the payment is made, as well as the name of the procedure.

2) The reference number for a legal person is made up as follows: a constant set of numbers 10602 + the registry code of the legal person + control number (calculated by a specific generator). Every legal person has a personal reference number. To get your reference number, enter the registry code of your company in the generator. The reference number generator is available on the Estonian Road Administration homepage (State fee-> Reference number generator).


An insurance policy (PZU) can be conveniently purchased at our sales offices.

Registration outside of Estonia

To register a trailer outside of Estonia, additional documents are often required. It is possible to order a certificate of manufacture, component certificates, test reports, component labelling, etc. for our trailers. The price for the set of documents is 90 €, VAT included.