Registration and insurance

Registering trailers bought from Tõrvandi using an authorisation document:

The easiest way to get a trailer registered (at the Estonian Road Administration) is to let us handle it. We do not charge any fees for the registration process itself. The cost of registration consists of a state fee (€93.-) and the compulsory annual insurance (depending on the trailer type the price may vary from €5.- to €15.-). The process requires a signed one-time authorisation in the name of Respo representative. You can find the application here: Application

In case you want to register the trailer yourself:

Documentation required to register the trailer at the Estonian Road Administration:

An application on the Road Administration registration form

Documents proving legal acquisition of the vehicle (e.g. sales order)

Personal identification document of the applicant (ID card, passport or a drivers’ licence). When registering the trailer as a legal entity, an authorisation document allowing to act on the behalf of the company is required unless the applicant is indicated on the company’s’ B-card in the Commercial Register.

Registration fee

A state fee of 93 € must be paid to register the trailer. The state fee can be paid on site in cash, by a bank card or with a transfer to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance.


An insurance policy (PZU) can be conveniently purchased at our sales offices.

Registration outside of Estonia

To register a trailer outside of Estonia, additional documents are often required. It is possible to order a certificate of manufacture, component certificates, test reports, component labelling, etc. for our trailers.