Box trailers


Low loading height

Respo box trailers have a low loading height which eases loading and keeps the centre of gravity low.

Ideal for transporting garden machinery

Tilting trailer allows you to conveniently transport garden machinery or ATV-s.

A large variety of models

Respo has a large variety of box trailers of different sizes and board heights. We offer the biggest selection in Estonia.

Durable design

The Durable chassis/frame gives the trailer its endurance. We use 3D CAD modelling.

Easy fastening

The box trailers are equipped with 4 to 8 internal lashing eyes. The lashing eyes have a pulling weight of 500-1000 kg depending on the model.

Vast selection of accessories

The huge variety of accessories give the trailers greater functionality and allow the customer to design the trailer according to their needs.

Only the highest quality materials

Hot dip galvanization and high-quality steel gives great durability and longevity. Additionally, we are the only trailer manufacturer in Estonia that uses Magnelis coated sheet metal. We use this sheet metal to make most of the trailers components.

High quality electrical systems

We use high quality electrical systems that ensure problem free usage for many years. Each electrical system is specifically designed according to each model.

Watertight hubs

Great longevity for the trailer is achieved thanks to watertight hubs.

Strong sideboards

Load bearing monolithic bent side boards give the trailer extra resilience against any sort of deformation. In addition, some models are equipped with 4 side posts that strengthen the boards even more.


Respo box trailers are equipped with balanced tandem, torsion or leaf spring axles to ensure the best qualities according to the trailer type.

Waterproof plywood floor

All box trailers have a laminated waterproof plywood floor with a thickness of at least 12mm.

Removable rear and front hatches

Easily removable front and rear hatches give you grater convenience and functionality in every use case.