Green Energy


Today, reducing our ecological footprint is more important than ever. It is possible to contribute to sustainable development by understanding the importance of biodiversity and nature-friendly consumption. By promoting an environmentally friendly way of thinking, we guarantee a cleaner nature for ourselves and future generations.

Consumers' environmental awareness is on the rise and environmentally friendly products and services are preferred more and more. This is a clearly rising trend in every region of the world. Eco-friendly products have gained a strong competitive advantage through changing consumer choices.

The wishes of consumers must also be accompanied by manufacturing companies, which is why we at Respo have set a goal to make our operations more environmentally friendly. For this we have made a decision to use Green Energy in all production.

Green Energy is produced from 100% renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind and hydropower. The production of electricity from renewable energy sources reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air, ensures a better living environment and strengthens the economy by creating new jobs. The more users of green energy, the higher the share of renewable energy in total electricity production and the more sustainable it is for all people and nature.

The gradual abandonment of non-renewable resources is extremely important for the sustainable development of every country and we can contribute to this with every conscious choice we make.

By choosing a Respo trailer, you can be sure that you support sustainable consumption and help to promote an environmentally friendly way of thinking. 

Download the Green Energy certificate issued to Respo Haagised AS.

Green Energy