Mobile office / dining / welfare accessories and spare parts

Code Product name Description In Stock
Battery charger 14881Battery chargerBosch C7 12/24V 2 pcs
Blank key 11055Blank keyUncut blank key for lock cylinder. 10+
Ceiling light 10557Ceiling lightLED lamp 2 x 36W 10+
Ceiling light 10556Ceiling lightLED lamp 2 x 18W 10+
Chair 10202ChairPlastic office chair with chrome legs 10+
Corner profile 12540Corner profileWhite corner profile made from aluminium. Dimensions 85 x 59 x 2146 mm 10+
Door handle 19510Door handleMatte chrome 10+
Door handle 9582Door handleSuitable for side door. Dimensions 90 x 90mm. 10+
Door hinge 11169Door hingeMade from stainless steel. Mounted with bolts and nuts. 10+
Door stopper 9730Door stopperPlastic door stopper. 10+
Flood light 13346Flood lightMotion Activated Outdoor LED Flood Light, 4000K. 10+
Foot pump 10282Foot pumpFootpump for sink and hand washing station. 10+
Gas spring 9760Gas springGas spring for window cover 405mm 300N 10+
Hand paper holder 11696Hand paper holderWhite Losdi 10+
Hand pump 13308Hand pumpGuscher hand pump for toilet tank. 10+
Heater 15547HeaterBonjour 1500W 10+
Heater 15159HeaterAdax 400W 10+
Inverter 14111Inverter12V-230V 2 pcs
Lock case ABLOY 11157Lock case ABLOYLock case universal 10+
Lock core shield 19542Lock core shieldCompatible with product 19510. 10+
Lock cylinder set 11172Lock cylinder setLock cylinder for three doors. Kit includes key x 3, lock cylinder x 3, mounting bolt and ring. 10+
Lock cylinder set 10568Lock cylinder setLock cylinder for one door. Kit includes key, lock cylinder, mounting bolt and ring. 10+
Lock cylinder set 11170Lock cylinder set Lock cylinder for two doors. Kit includes key x 2, lock cylinder x 2, mounting bolt and ring. 10+
Mounting for gas spring 10581Mounting for gas springGas spring mounting for window cover, made from galvanized steel. 10+
PVC window 11221PVC windowTilt and turn PVC window VEKA SL-70 10+
Refrigerator 10146RefrigeratorHisense 94L 10+
Roof fan 15444Roof fanWithout engine, grey 10+
Soap dispenser 11695Soap dispenserWhite Losdi 10+
Stair 13433StairMade from galvanized steel metal and assembled with bolts and joints. Stair dimensions 450x490mm 10+
Stairs on drawbar 10792Stairs on drawbarWide two step stairs for more convenient access. --