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Registration and insurance

Documents necessary for registering a trailer in the traffic register:
  • Manufacturer's certificate
  • Trailer's technical passport
  • Act of the pre-registering inspection
  • An application on the form of the Traffic Register of Regional Road Administration
  • Sales contract
  • A payment order verifying the payment of a state fee (93 €)

We shall prepare all the abovementioned documents. If a buyer is a private person, he/she must have a personal identification document (ID card, passport or driver's licence) that needs to be presented to the traffic register office. If a buyer is a legal person, the representative of the company must have a personal identification document (ID card, passport or driver's licence) that needs to be presented to the traffic register office and an authorization from the company, if this person is not indicated on the B-card of the Commercial Register.

Fee for trailer registration

A state fee of 93 € must be paid to register the trailer. The state fee can be paid on site in cash, by a bank card or with a transfer to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance:

Receiver: Rahandusministeerium

Bank accounts of the Ministry of Finance:
10220034796011 SEB Bank
221023778606 Swedbank
333416110002 Danske Bank A/S Estonia Branch (Sampo Bank)

Reference number:

1) The reference number for individuals is always 10601008006990
If the state fee is paid for another person, indicate in the explanation field the name and the personal identification code of the person for whom the payment is made, as well as the name of the procedure.

2) The reference number for legal person's forms is made up as follows: a constant set of numbers 10602 + the registry code of the legal person + control number (calculated by a specific generator). Every legal person has a personal reference number. To get your reference number, enter the registry code of your company in the generator. The reference number generator is available on the homepage of Estonian Road Administration (Riigilõivud-> Viitenumbri generaator).

General reference number for legal persons is 10602008005990. When using the general number, indicate in the explanation field for whom the payment was made and for which procedure.

Authorized registration

If the buyer does not wish to register the trailer in the traffic register, she/he can order this service from us. The procedure costs approximately 108 €, which includes the state fee and the motor third-party liability insurance for one year. For this, the buyer needs to write a one-time authorization on the name of our employee.  

Authorization form


Purchasing a motor third-party liability insurance (IF P&C Insurance AS) in our sales premises is quick and convenient!

Registration in foreign countries

In order to register a trailer in the registers of foreign countries, additional documents are often needed; it is possible to order a certificate of manufacture, component certificates, test reports, component labelling, etc for our trailers. The price of the set of documents is 90 € (1,408 EEK), VAT included.