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Mobile office / dining / welfare accessories

Name Description Picture
Mini kitchen Two cooking areas with different power controls, sink and refrigerator with freezer.
Kitchen cupboard Cupboard with two shelves to storage cookware and food.
Medicine cabinet/set Many different options available, including fully equipped with supplies.
Air source heat pump  
Drying cabinet After a rainy work day the drying cabinet is indispensable appliance which will take care of wet clothes.
Lockers Secure personal belongigs for safe-keeping. Lockers are made from steel and each cabin is separately lockable
Fire exhtinguisher Available in different sizes and types. Possible to order with regular fixing or inside a fire extinguisher cabine.
Sunroof Accessory to fill room with sunshine and fresh air. Well adjustable with many different positions
Extra window Standard mobile office models come with one window. Extra window gives more natural lightning to mobile facility’s room and better overview to activity outside.
Outdoor lighting LED light, economical, waterproof and can withstand outside temperature fluctuations, which makes it perfect for outside usage.
Attachable stairs Wide two step stair for comfier room access.  
Corner handles Corner handles simplify the process, when you need to move the trailer manually. Made from strong plastic.